90 Hours

A very wide range in expertise can be found among home inspectors that all meet the same state requirements and offer the same home inspection service. That’s because the classroom requirement for home inspectors is only 90 hours. Almost anyone can be a home inspector. I have an excellent 8 1/2 by 11 book recently written for home inspectors. It has over 300 pages and covers only the electrical aspects. Electrical is but one of 8 topics that I consider crucial to the knowledge of home inspectors. A home inspector cannot be taught all this in just 90 hours. The requirement is only for 90 hours because that’s pretty much all that’s available in this country. Washington State has a 120 hour requirement but that’s about it. No one in this country has yet to successfully write and market a curriculum that can properly prepare an individual for a career as a home inspector. If you chance upon a knowledgeable inspector, it’s because that inspector has taught himself his job. It’s the only way to learn it.

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