Finding Your Inspector

The best way to find a good inspector is the same method you’d use to find a good author…read their works.  In the case of home inspectors, ‘works’ refers to sample reports or any actual report that you can get your hands on, including those that friends and family might have.  There’s hundreds of sample reports available online.  Judging inspection reports is a skill, a skill that is acquired by reading reports.  When honing that skill, there’s no need to limit your search to local inspectors.  Any sample report from anywhere in the country is fine.  Once you’re able to discern good reports from lousy ones, you can begin searching for your inspector by looking for sample reports from inspectors in your area.

If a particular inspector has gotten your attention but doesn’t have an online sample report, call him and ask for one.  If he doesn’t have any, it’s my suggestion that you keep looking.  Inspectors with good reporting skills like to brag and disseminate their sample reports.  Inspectors with poor reporting skills don’t want you to see what you’re going to get until he’s hired and paid.

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