The fallacy of prior inspection reports

Prior inspection reports?

You might be offered a previous inspection report by an agent or even the seller to use as your own. The problem with these reports is that they might be found invalid later because you didn’t actually commission them, someone else did since that report doesn’t bear your name. Also, if the inspection was done before you signed the Louisiana Residential Agreement to Buy or Sell, it’s invalid because it was done outside of the ‘due diligence’ period. If the ‘due diligence’ period has passed by the time you learn that the inspection is invalid, you will find yourself obligated to complete the purchase of the house without further option to have it inspected. Another issue is that an inspector is strongly influenced by the entity that pays for his services. Since the seller and agent both have transactional interests that collide with the buyer’s, the buyer’s interests are betrayed by using such reports. Always hire someone that answers only to you.

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