What Does an Inspection Cover

If you ask almost any home inspector in the country what their inspection covers, you’ll get almost the same answer every time – a short version of the minimum requirements of the Standards of Practice.  That minimum, in Louisiana, generally takes under half an hour for an inspector to complete and if that’s all you get, you’ll wonder why you even bothered to hire a home inspector in the first place. What each particular inspector covers actually depends on three things:

1) What can he see.  He can’t inspect what’s hidden in walls, etc.

2) How much does he know about houses?  How well does he read them?

3) How well can he write? No amount of inspection skill in the world can make up for an inspector that cannot write.

4) How hard will he work for you?

When asked what I cover, I tell my prospects that I generally cover whatever I can see.  Except for contractual and regulatory limitations and exclusions, that about says it.

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