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Our Service Area

Our usual service area is a 50 mile radius of Lafayette, Louisiana but we’ve occasionally traveled the furthest reaches of the state to reach clients.

Home Inspections

These are for both new and existing residential construction as well as manufactured housing, both modular and HUD-Codes (mobile homes).  The visible condition of the home is assessed and reported via an onsite verbal report (optional) and an Emailed written report.  No ‘checklist’ report forms are used.  Each report is custom edited to fit the particular house.

Government Inspections

These meet the specifications of HUD/FHA and USDA requirements and include a completed HUD 92051 or USDA_RD1924-12 form along with all required photos.

  • FHA HUD Code Inspections
  • FHA Manufactured Home Inspections
  • FHA Site Built Inspections
  • FHA Repair Inspections
  • USDA_RD Repair & Rehabilitation Loans – Initial Evaluations
  • USDA_RD Final Inspections

Commercial Inspections

An altered version of a home inspection that assesses the condition of commercial structures.  These inspections are offered on wood framed, light-framed steel, structural brick or concrete block structures.

Commercial Draw Inspections

Typically requested by banks and other lenders, draw inspections confirm that a builder has done what he said he has done before the Lender disburses his monthly payment request.

ICF (insulated concrete forms) inspections

Wind Mitigation Survey

This is an alternative to Fortified (IBHS) inspections that can be completed on existing dwellings for those homeowners who are interested in qualifying for a rate reduction on the wind mitigation portion of their homeowners insurance policy.

Employee Relocation Coalition (ERC) Inspections

The ERC was founded in 1964 and is tasked with assisting it’s membership in serving mobilized professionals around the world. Sherlock is familiar with their many customized building inspection forms and stands ready to serve with the latest electronic reporting methods.

Insurance Risk Assessments

Generally requested by insurace companies to assess hurricane and flood risks of commercial structures.

HUD-Code Foundation Inspections

This is for lenders that require a foundation certificate on FHA loan packages on HUD-Code manufactured housing (mobile homes).  An arrangement by Sherlock with an engineering firm allows Sherlock to offer this fully compliant product.

Specialized Inspections

  • Roof Inspections
  • Electrical Inspections
  • Heating, Air Conditioning & Ventilation (HVAC) Inspections
  • New Construction Issues
  • Consumer Advocacy