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Our Service Area

Our service area is the state of Louisiana. Areas outside of Lafayette Parish may be subjected to a mileage charge.

Home Inspections

These are for both new and existing residential construction as well as manufactured housing, both modular and HUD-Codes (mobile homes).  The visible condition of the home is assessed and reported via an onsite verbal report (optional) and an Emailed written report.

Wind Mitigation Surveys (WMS)

These surveys examine the structure for certain construction features that render the house more resilient to damage for hurricane force winds. The completed survey form may qualify the homeowner for certain premium discounts.

Manufactured Home Foundation Certifications (Foundation Certs)

These are typically required of manufactured homes (formerly referred to as mobile homes) when purchased with HUD or FHA loan packages. They certify compliance of the foundation with the HUD/FHA manufactured home standards.

Commercial Inspections

An altered version of a home inspection, based on ASTM E-2018 01, to assesses the condition of commercial structures.  These inspections are offered on wood framed structures as well as some light-framed steel, structural brick or concrete block structures.