Marc LeBlanc LHI 10291
Marc LeBlanc
LHI 10291

My name is Marc LeBlanc, I own Sherlock Inspection and have offered home inspections in south central Louisiana for over 12 years.

Every house has a story, even new ones.  As someone who reads houses, I learn that story and tell it to you so you can make a more informed decision on whether to buy the house.

I work only for you.  I avoid soliciting agents for referrals because there’s no such thing as a social relationship between a home inspector and an agent.  It’s a business relationship and the only thing a home inspector can offer an agent in return for that referral, besides money, is a watered down report that doesn’t cost the agent his commission.  That conflicts with the interests of my client, so I don’t do it.  That way you get to hear exactly what I find on the house.

Houses are not all the same and neither are home inspectors.  Making the best choice of house begins first with making the best choice of inspector.  You can find your inspector by reading his sample report.  Writers are judged by their works, so can home inspectors.  The more sample reports you read, the better you learn how to pick out the best inspectors.  You can find hundreds of sample reports on the web, after which you can look locally for your guy.

I don’t negotiate my home inspection fees.  They’re written down in a fee schedule for all to see.  That way you know that no one else is getting a better deal than you.

I’m not a member of any home inspector association.  Membership in those associations has little value beyond promoting the association’s members to the public.  I get my education by researching issues involving houses.  I work.

There’s a 9 page state document (Standards of Practice of the LA State Board of Home Inspectors) that details what Louisiana home inspectors inspect and don’t inspect.  I’ll give you a copy if we meet, but for now what I cover in my home inspections is basically whatever I can see and whatever I’m familiar with.

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