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Every house has its own story, even before the first folks move in. As someone who reads houses, I learn that story so you can make a more informed decision on whether to purchase the house.

Beware of agents who refer you to home inspectors.  Agents have an interest in serving you but they have an interest in their commission too.   The agent’s judgement in recommending an inspector that’s good for you is compromised by the agent’s need for an inspection report that will not risk his commission, that is, a minimal report: enough information to satisfy you but not enough to threaten the agent’s commission.  Agents control 90% of the inspector referral market.  They have a strong interest in doing so.

Home inspector certifications, trade association memberships, even the ‘Certified Master Inspector’ designation, are all worthless.  They are available for purchase to any inspector and are designed to fool you into thinking the inspector has great expertise.

There’s only one way to reliably identify an inspector of great expertise: read his works, the same way good authors of any kind are found.  Some inspectors post samples of their work on their websites.  Read a page or two of them then ask yourself two questions: Do you understand it? Does it have useful information, the information that you hired him to find?  If not, look elsewhere for your inspector.  The more inspection reports you read, the better you get at picking out the good ones.  By report #10, you’ll be an expert.  Only one minute is needed on each report.  That’s 10 minutes total.

If you have doubts about the performance of your agent-referred inspection report, schedule an inspection with me to be done within 5 days of the previous inspection and I’ll waive the fee.  That’s right, no charge, but you must give me written permission to distribute both reports to the public.  Your name will be removed from both reports to protect your privacy.

I don’t solicit agents for inspection referrals.  By shutting the door to the influence of agents, I’m left with your interests alone to serve.

No house is ever perfect, not even new ones.  The day I find a perfect house, I’ll know I’ve died and gone to heaven.

Even newly constructed homes are not perfect.  The building codes are just minimum standards, much is not inspected by the code authorities, much can still go wrong and, based on my experience, much does go wrong.

I don’t make things up in my reports.  It’s either common sense or I back it up.

I’m licensed locally in electrical and AC/heating service. My 15 years as an inspector was preceded by 14 years self-employed in the trades, serving all major trades but plumbing.

My expertise as a home inspector is almost entirely homegrown.  The State Board of Home Inspectors has never adopted an educational standard.  They require 120 hours of instruction but without an educational standard, that instruction has no legs to stand on.  It’s been that way for 19 years.

My inspections cover what I can see and what I know.  I research what I don’t know.  My inspections run from 1 to 4 hours, averaging about 2 1/2 hours onsite. The customized report writing is done offsite, and takes the rest of the day. Reports are Emailed within 24 hours of the commencement of the inspection.

My inspections are thorough.  They’re brief and easy to read, just like this web page.  I don’t waste your attention, I write only what you need to know and what you want to know.

My name is Marc LeBlanc. I own Sherlock Inspection, serving south-central Louisiana with integrity since 2003. You want me as your inspector because of my dual expertise in inspecting and in reporting, and because I tell you exactly what I find.

337-984-8882 sales (voice), 337-255-6815 Inspector (text)

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