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Every house has its own story, even before the first folks move in. As someone who reads houses, my job is to learn that story and tell it to you, allowing you to proceed with the home buying process in a more informed and intelligent manner.

Seller inspection reports are becoming more and more common.  They help the seller prep the house, reduce the chance of an upset by the buyer’s inspection, and otherwise help get the house sold more quickly.  As home buyer, these reports cannot hurt you.  More information, and more opinions, are always good, just don’t lose your diligence or fall to the claims of any party that you don’t need your own inspection.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  The more an inspection report helps you, the more it threatens your agent’s commission.  Buyer inspection reports are now the single largest obstacle to an agent trying to close a sale and earn their commission.  Get you own report and get the best inspector to write it.

The best litmus test there is on inspector expertise is his written reports. Good authors are found by reading their works, so it is with home inspectors.  Some will be sample reports that you can get from prospective inspectors, others you might request of family, friends and co-workers.  Doesn’t matter which house it’s written for, or whether it’s dated or recent.  It’s the inspector himself you’re gauging now.  And don’t bother reading past page ten.  If you haven’t learned a great deal about the house by then, you never will.  My reports rarely exceed 14 pages.  Twelve is my average and by the end of page three, you’ll already know more about the house than the seller ever did.

I don’t offer termite, infrared or mold inspections. I could, but few houses have a genuine call for these specialties.  If I see a call for it, I either treat it myself in the report, whip out my infrared camera for an IR survey, or refer you to a specialist, whichever is most appropriate.  These specialty inspections are big money makers for some inspectors.  That’s where their popularity comes from, not from genuine need.

No house is ever perfect, not even new ones.  The building codes are just minimum standards, much is not inspected by the code authorities, much can go wrong and, based on my long experience, much does go wrong. The day I find a perfect house, I’ll know I’ve died and gone to heaven.  Home inspections are not about finding out if the house has issues, it’s about finding out how one house compares to another.

I’m licensed locally in electrical and AC/heating service. My 15 years as an inspector was preceded by 14 years self-employed in the trades, serving all major trades but plumbing.

My inspections cover what I can see and what I know.  They run from 1 to 4 hours, averaging about 2 1/2. The customized report writing is done offsite, and takes the rest of the day (good writing takes time).  Reports are Emailed within 24 hours of the commencement of the inspection.

My inspections are thorough, my reports brief and easy to read, just like this web page.  I don’t waste your attention or your time.  I write what you need to know, and what you want to know.

My name is Marc LeBlanc. I own Sherlock Inspection, serving south-central Louisiana with integrity since 2003. You want me as your inspector because of my dual expertise in inspecting and in reporting, and because I tell you exactly what I find.

337-984-8882 sales (voice), 337-255-6815 Inspector (text)

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