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Marc LeBlanc
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Home Inspector, LHI 10291
Wind Mitigation Surveyor
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Licensed contractor
BS Electrical Engineering

Every house has its own story, even before the first folks move in. As a home inspector, I gather information about it, then write its story.  The story gives you information beyond the cosmetics and the obvious,  so that you can proceed with the purchase process in a more informed and intelligent manner.

Certifications help demonstrate how much an inspector knows, but schooling is nothing compared to actual experience.

I’ve 19 years experience as home inspector. Prior to that I framed houses for 2 1/2 years. I have over 30 years experience as licensed electrician and heating/air conditioning serviceman. I’ve experience in siding and roofing, windows and doors, interior and exterior finishes, painting and flooring. They are very few areas of home construction that I not entirely familiar with.

My report writing skills are bolstered by a college degree in electrical engineering.

My reports don’t rely on check boxes, alphanumeric codes, bright colors, and large fonts. I type everything myself, telling you what it is, what it means and, if applicable, what to do about it. My reports are the easiest of any to read, yet they tell you more of what you want to know, of what you need to know.

My name is Marc LeBlanc. I own Sherlock Inspection, serving south-central Louisiana with integrity since 2003. You want me as your inspector because of my dual expertise in inspecting and in reporting, and because I say it like it is.

337-984-8882 Sales (voice, goes to inspector’s spouse)

337-255-6815 Inspector (text only. I’m hearing impaired)

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